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Subject: [Towertalk] Exterior wall feedthroug
From: (Bob Smith)
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2003 00:02:00 -0800
I built  my station in 1/2 of my garage about 20 years ago and tried to 
come up with a good way to feed the coax through the wall.   I went to the 
local building supply store and built a 'tunnel' out of 3" PVC 
pipe.  Before sheetrocking the walls I built a 4' long tube with a 45 
degree coupling at the bottom and two 'sweeps'  (about a 30 degree section 
of curved PVC on a 3' circle) at the top.  This give me access to the coax 
in the shack, it's very water proof because it turns down on the outside of 
the shack , it's smooth on the inside so nothing gets hung up on joints and 
it's inside the wall..  The coax enters the wall at about 6' up from the 
outside ground level and enters the shack at 2' from the floor so it's 
hidden behind the console, and it's built into the wall so you can't see it,
hope this helps

Bob Smith
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Fort Bragg, California   95437

"On The Air-Conditioned Mendocino Coast, In REAL Northern California"
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