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[Towertalk] Anyone using Alfaspid or CATS RD-1800 rotors?

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Subject: [Towertalk] Anyone using Alfaspid or CATS RD-1800 rotors?
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Date: Wed Jan 22 14:07:50 2003

I have been using an RD-1800 since late September.  It turns a Tennadyne
T10 log-periodic (at 70+ feet) and a 40-2CD (at 80 feet), atop 70 feet of
Rohn 45.  Installation was straightforward.  So far it has worked fine,
even in the current cold snap here in New England.  It replaced a
Tailtwister (I had gotten tired of the hassles), but it uses the same
control box (with an outboard conversion module).

I'm sorry that I can't report on longer experience, but I have nothing
negative to say at this point.  I'm happy to get away from the sticky brake
and the tinny gears of the T2X.

73, Dave K1HT

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