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[Towertalk] Automatic Rotor Control Question

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Subject: [Towertalk] Automatic Rotor Control Question
From: (Jon Ogden)
Date: Thu Jan 23 12:56:19 2003
on 1/23/03 11:49 AM, FireBrick at wrote:

> I also use the Sartek and it operate perfectly.
> BUT!!!!
> I don't believe it's available any longer.
> Emails to the maker have gone unanswered.
> And it requires a ISA slot which most new computers no longer contain.

I've heard about this.  But I think the ISA slot is only used for supplying
power from what I have read so you can externally power the card.

The problem (from what I remember) is that the Sartek model is quite

The W9KNI and the ARSWin systems are on the order of $100.



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