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[Towertalk] Efficiency of antennas

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Subject: [Towertalk] Efficiency of antennas
From: (Jon Ogden)
Date: Thu Jan 23 20:06:17 2003
I'd agree with that.

It may also depend on how they define the terms.  Every antenna has a figure
for "radiation" resistance.  Could they be basing it on that?  Or is it the
power lost in the loaded coils.....

Figures lie and liars figure!



on 1/23/03 4:45 PM, Pete Smith at wrote:

> I've seen some fairly interesting claims recently for the efficiency of
> yagis with coil loading.  I'm not quite sure what efficiency means in this
> context -- is it simply the percentage of the driving power that is
> actually available to be coupled to what we used to call the ether?  If so,
> is it just another way of expressing the amount of loss in loading
> coils?  If an antenna manufacturer claims 90 percent efficiency, is that
> just another way of saying that 1/10 of the applied power is being
> dissipated in heat?

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