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[TowerTalk] Source for aluminum tubing?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Source for aluminum tubing?
Date: Sat Jan 25 06:41:44 2003
Hello T-T'ers,

I am looking for a source  from which I can purchase
aluminum tubing at a "reasonable" price. I checked with
one of the Rockford, IL steel & aluminum suppliers and
received some prices that I thought were extremely high.

I am in the process of putting together an antenna and am
in need of the following sizes and quantities of 6061-T6
alloy tubing. All sizes have a wall thickness of 0.058" and
are 12' lengths. The prices ahown are the ones that I was
quoted by the local supplier.

6 pcs.      1-1/2" OD      ($3.65/ft.)          $262.80
6 pcs.      1-3/8" OD      ($3.30/ft.)          $237.60
3 pcs.      1-1/4" OD      ($3.00/ft.)          $108.00
1 pc.       1" OD             ($2.40/ft.)          $  28.80
4 pcs.      7/8" OD          ($2.08/ft.)         $   99.84
1 pc.        3/4" OD          ($1.83/ft.)         $  21.96
3 pcs.      3/8" OD          ($1.42/ft.)         $  51.12
Total Price                                              $810.12

I realize that Texas Towers sells aluminum tubing but the
alloy that they sell is 6063-T832 and I am looking for
6061-T6 alloy tubing.

Thanks for any help with this.

73 de Brad, N9EN @ Radio Free Roscoe (IL)...

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