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[TowerTalk] Source for aluminum tubing?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Source for aluminum tubing?
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Date: Sat Jan 25 19:59:21 2003
When we (Texas Towers) decided to stock aluminum tubing back in 1992 I did a 
lot of searching for tubing sources. I found that nearly all of the amateur 
antenna manufacturers were using 6063-T832 tubing. The reason was because the 
yield strength of 6063-T832 is the same (approx 38,000 psi) as 6061-T6 and 
the cost is much lower. Additionally, the 6063-T832 material has a bright 
finish that looks much better than typical 6061-T6 material. No added cleanup 
is required in manufacturing antennas which saves labor costs.

We buy tubing directly from the mills in large lots which keeps the price 
low. By bypassing the usual distribution chain for aluminum tubing we can 
sell for lower prices than typical for 6061-T6 material. 

We have sizes from .375" through 2.125" diameter in .125" telescoping steps. 
Pricing is available at <A HREF=""></A> 
and all sizes are in stock right 
now except 1.0" which is due in early March.

Thanks/73 de Gerald Williamson, K5GW/General Manager/Texas Towers
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