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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tristao tower
From: (IronmanY2k)
Date: Sun Jan 26 14:16:27 2003
Hello everyone.  I have recently purchased a used Tristao tower.  It is 
approximately 55ft and I believe it may be a model CZ-454.  I appears to be in 
very good shape and the cable is in great shape.  It looks pretty much like a 
US tower TX-455 except that it has guy attachments on the top of each section.  
Previous owner had it bracketed against the house at 7ft with no guying and his 
bracketing was fabricated and he said it is freestanding.  He also had two hf 
antennas on it, a Tribander and a WARC beam.  

Do you think that this tower should be guyed?  It will not be bracketed against 
my house.
Do you think it can hold a force12 C4SXL (48lbs, 8sq feet wind load)?
-No other antennas will be added and mast will be kept to a minimum.  It will 
be mounted as close to the Thrust Bearing as possible and turned with a Yaesu 
Base will be made according to specs for the USTower TX-455.

Any other comments or concerns are welcome.  I could not find any other 
information on this tower on the web or by searching the list archive.

TU es 73
de Jim, AD6WL

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