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[TowerTalk] static drainage

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Subject: [TowerTalk] static drainage
From: (Jon Ogden)
Date: Mon Jan 27 10:00:31 2003
on 1/27/03 8:24 AM, W0UN--John Brosnahan at wrote:

> If you need a broadband
> static drain then use the ICE lightning suppressors.  They have
> a DC drain from a toroidal RF choke that is better than a
> small resistor--plus they have a DC block that may be useful
> (or may not--depending on your needs for DC down the coax).

Agreed.  With such protectors (ICE and Polyphaser both have DC grounded
models) there is no need for any other form of static drain.  Plus, I've
been told that with continuous static drain, it makes your receive quieter
as you aren't hearing any noise from static build up.
> I think WX0B at Array Solutions carries the ICE units and I
> think ICE has a patent on their static drain method--FWIW.

Cable Experts also sells the ICE products in case WX0B is out of stock.



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