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Date: Tue Jan 28 11:34:59 2003
In a message dated 1/28/03 6:33:29 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

> Lately, every time I post a message to TowerTalk, I get back a couple 
>  of "nondelivery" error messages like the following one, relating to 
>  <>.  Am I the only TT subscriber getting these?

    No - it's a normal nondelivery situation. Anyone who posts something on 
TT sends that email to almost 1300 people and for a myriad of reasons, 
sometimes a message can't be delivered. The Mailman software takes care of 
most problems so after someone has a couple of bounces, their delivery is 
automatically suspended but sometimes something like this slips through. 
>  Can this problem be fixed at the TowerTalk server level ? 

    No, it's a delivery problem - not a reflector problem. Mailman and us 
administrators are already taking care of many things that you don't even see 
so this is just a minor annoyance. Just ignore it. 

Steve     K7LXC
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