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[TowerTalk] short towers and static

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Subject: [TowerTalk] short towers and static
From: (KG4QDZ)
Date: Tue Jan 28 13:12:46 2003

I'm "coming out of the attic" with my antennas, and while I wait for some
battles with the city to resolve, I've taken to putting things up on 20 foot
poles on the deck (which is 10 ft up to start). All this talk of static has
me worried. Total height of my antennas is below the roofline and on
fiberglas push-up poles. Do I need any protection? I haven't seen any
symptoms so far, and unplug the antenna lines in the house when not in use.
These are small VHF horizontal and vertical antennas, no HF. I've gotten
away with nothing in the way of a shack ground system so far too. I know, it
should be better, but I have to prioritize and do when I can. So I'm
wondering, now that I'm outside, what is the priority? Everything was cozy
in the attic, but didn't work too well ;(

Also, some of these solutions like disconnecting each line, Polyphasers on
the line, etc, can get to be a big deal, time and $ wise, when I'm looking
at lots of VHF and UHF bands, various polarizations, etc. Is this the way
it's done on each line if you've got 10 or more antennas up?

Eventually I hope to have a 50-70 ft tower up. Right now it's about planning
that and how to manage my little poles right now....

Thanks and 73,

Dr. Skip Coppola, KG4QDZ
6m, 2m, 70cm: SSB, FM, & Digital modes
NWS Advanced Spotter

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