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[TowerTalk] Gloves for Winter Antenna Work

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Gloves for Winter Antenna Work
From: (FireBrick)
Date: Tue Jan 28 20:33:12 2003
Don't forget to make 'Idiot Mittens' out of them.

those are the kind with a string sewn into each mitten cuff which runs up
your sleeve, across your back and down the other sleeve.

And, for those that have a 'Black and Decker' store near you. They sell a
pair that I've used for years on the job and on towers.
We called the Steel Workers Gloves, sort of like the kind football receivers
Thin, textured finger tips and warm.

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Gloves for Winter Antenna Work

> I got back last Saturday from NW Vermont. It was so
> cold that a lot of the winter activities were
> impossible. The temps were in single digits and minus
> numbers and don't even ask about the wind chill!
> While doing "inside" things, I came across a neat pair
> of gloves while brousing in one of the ski equipment
> shops. These are called BIOMAX THERMAL FLEECE and cost
> $20. They are a combination glove & mitten. The
> "mitten" cover can be folded back and held with a
> velcro strip to reveal the four "glove" fingers that
> have the finger tips exposed. I have made winter work
> gloves before by cutting the finger tips off of
> regular gloves. These are perfect. You can climb the
> tower with the mitten covers over your fingers and
> then fold them back to handle tools, hardware, etc. If
> your finger tips get cold, just fold the mitten flaps
> over your fingers for a few minutes. They are
> lightweight and comfortable. I will probably be trying
> them this weekend as I'm having some problems with a
> balky prop pitch rotator.
> 73, Stew K3ND
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