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[TowerTalk] MA5V Vertical question

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Subject: [TowerTalk] MA5V Vertical question
From: (Jim Harris)
Date: Tue Jan 28 21:34:26 2003
I put up the same antenna about a month ago.  The hardware on mine was 
in fine problems at all.  The balun is just as you 
mentioned imho.  The radials in my estimation are too small and the 
balun is to keep RF from coming back down the coax shield.  Looks to me 
like the coax for the balun was of okay quality.  

The big problem I had was that the band width on 20 & 12 meters is 
skewed towards towards the lower part of the band and there are no 
adjustment procedures.  Have to use a tuner on the upper part of the 
band.  Looks like just shorten the studs on the ends of the coils to 
raise the center of the bandwidth.  Not a clue anywhere as to how much 
to shorten them.  Know where I can get a mfj-259 cheap.  Hi!

It does play a bit better than a carolina windom I've had up a 
while....and, seem liek it does DX much better.

Jim wrote:

>I recently put up a Cushcraft MA5V vertical for HF satellite work.  The 
>antenna is working ok- but since I can not find a human to speak to at 
>Cushcraft, or anyone there to return emails, I have a question about the 
>antenna design that maybe someone here can answer.  If you look at a photo of 
>the antenna, you'll notice a very large coaxial balun at the bottom of the 
>antenna PVC support.  The PVC isolates the antenna which sits about about 4 
>feet above the balun feedpoint, and the balun is at the bottom of the PVC 
>support- - The balun form is about 2 3/8  inches in diameter, 10 1/2 inches 
>long,  and it takes about 30 feet of RG59 coax twisted around the form to 
>create the balun.......what's with this monster balun??  What is it doing??  
>I've never seen anything like it before- MY guess is that it is overkill to 
>keep RF off the feed line- ???  Any thoughts on this? 
>BTW, the QC at Cushcraft is awful...I had to redrill, rebuild, and modify a 
>lot of missing and/or misized parts- Blah!  And the enclosed RG59 to form the 
>balun is rat shack  junk- But the antenna is working FB!  Seriously, it's 
>working well above expectations- 
>73  Paul  N0AH
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