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[TowerTalk] Rising SWR Update

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Rising SWR Update
From: (Dennis Watkins)
Date: Wed Jan 29 03:04:56 2003
The RCS-4 won't take legal power on slow cw
without showing some heating in the relay contacts.
Forget about a continuos carrier..
Dennis  W7JX

Tom Branch wrote:

> Greetings,
> I ran a few more tests tonight.  I put the dummy load at the base of the
> tower. No problems.  That rules out everything between the tower and the
> shack. I ran 1 kw into the antenna and waited for the SWR to climb. As soon
> as it reached 2:1,  I switch to one of the other sloper legs and the SWR
> continues to climb off the meter.  That rules out the baluns.  The only two
> things left are the Ameritron antenna switch and the coax running up the
> tower.  I guess I'm going to climb the tower and bypass the antenna switch
> and try it again.  Too late to climb tonight.  Anyone have issues with the
> Ameritron RCS-8V?
> Tom
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