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Subject: [TowerTalk] Prosistel Rotors
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Date: Wed Jan 29 10:48:23 2003
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>  The K-factor they use to rate 
>  them is VERY protective of the hardware, 

    First, the K-Factor (and Hy-Gain's Effective Moment) are both ESTIMATES 
of rotator capacity. 

>  because it pretends that the whole weight of the antenna is at the turning 

    You lost me. The turning radius is a distance measurement so at what 
point on the turning radius would the weight be? 

    The K-Factor (weight times turning radius) is a more realistic way to 
rate a rotator than the old antenna square footage method since it takes the 
footprint of an antenna into account; it could take more rotator torque to 
turn a small, heavy antenna than one that is big and light.

Steve    K7LXC
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