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Date: Wed Jan 29 17:35:48 2003
Penatrox is one brand name for a variety of similar products.  Home Depot
sells something called Oxgard, as I recall.  Aluminox is another name to
look for.  These home improvement stores all seem to carry it under one name
or another, in the electrical department.  They're all conducting grease
and, though not absolutely necessary they sure do help things, particularly
later if you ever want to get telescoped tubing apart.  And, they help
ensure that the conductivity between telescoping pieces stays good.  All in
all, a very inexpensive investment in time and money for a big payoff in
convenience later and performance of the antenna too.  73 - Rich, KE3Q

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Sent: Wednesday, January 29, 2003 4:31 PM
Subject: [TowerTalk] TA-53-M

Recently purchased older Mosley TA-53-m withTA-40-KR (40m) kit.  I have
disassembled, cleaned up and reassembled the antenna.
  Two questions:
 1. Does the grounding strap at the center of the 20/40 driven element
attach?  Instructions are for 4 different antennas and aren't clear.
 2.  Instructions recommend use of penatrox at all tubing and trap
connections.  Is this necessary and if so is there a substitute product.
I would appreciate any additional suggestions or recommendations.
Mike, K7XN
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