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[TowerTalk] Tram Hardware for Installing Wire Antennas

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tram Hardware for Installing Wire Antennas
From: W1GOR@Maine.RR.Com (W1GOR)
Date: Wed Jan 29 17:37:29 2003
Hi Bob,

When I saw the same ad, I had a similar comment as yours...  You can
assemble the very same device by using low cost sailboat blocks and some
lightweight line...  Or, as you said, simplify it by using a single block
and small diameter rope.

73, Larry - W1GOR

/// snip ///

> Let me see if I have this right. $100 device replaces a $2 pully and some
> small diameter rope. Makes sense to me <sic>
> Bob K8IA
> Nr the Superstition Mtns, AZ

/// snip /// writes:

 I ran across this small add in the Feb. 2003 QST. I
hadn't seen this hardware before or heard about it
previously on TT. I looks like a great way to get wire
antennas up and down on a guyed tower. Check it out

 73, Stew  K3ND

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