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[TowerTalk] Update on NYC tv tower report

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Update on NYC tv tower report
From: (Rob Atkinson, K5UJ)
Date: Wed Jan 29 18:35:07 2003
A few days ago I posted a message about the NYC tv and fm broadcast 
situation following 9/11.  Here's an update from Amateur Radio Newsline:


A broadcast tower almost a half mile high to replace the structure lost when 
terrorists felled New York's World Trade Center could rise across the Hudson 
river in New Jersey.  This, as an alliance made up of eleven broadcasters 
release a report as to why they favor proposed site in Bayonne over one in 
Jersey City.  Amateur Radio Newsline's Bruce Tennant, K6PZW, has more:

In a 17-page letter to New Jersey's environmental commissioner, the
broadcasting alliance says the new tower would restore quality television 
reception for about three quarters of a million people in the metropolitan 
area. This is especially important to the regions poor and elderly who 
cannot afford to pay for cable or satellite reception.  And the alliance 
called the Bayonne site far superior in terms of size, security, 
environmental concerns, cost and construction timetables.

And the groups president, Edward Grebow said the $200 million project would 
also be a boon to construction workers in the region. He also noted that the 
city of Bayonne wants to make the tower a central element in plan to 
transform the location into an area of offices, homes, stores and marinas. 
In addition to its television antenna system, the alliance suggests that the 
structure might
also be used for scientific studies. This could include long term
investigations into weather, climate and air pollution.

If constructed the new tower would not only become the world's tallest
free-standing structure. It would also be the worlds tallest broadcast tower 
built at near sea level. For the Amateur Radio Newsline, I'm Bruce Tennant, 
K6PZW, reporting.

While New Jersey has the support of the regions broadcasts, other locations 
are still believed to be under consideration by local politicians and 
community leaders.  (ARNewslineT from listener reports)

Also, additional story about a win for the pros:


Back here in the United States, a big tower case win for a broadcaster could 
have a trickle-down effedt for ham radio.  This, after the New Hampshire 
Supreme Court has rejectes a city's zoning ordinance limiting the height of 
new communication towers to 42 feet.  It says that regulation conflicts with 
federal law.

The ruling clears the way for Koor Communication Inc. to obtain local
construction permits to begin constructing broadcast towers for WQTH-AM in 
Lebanon, New Hampshire.  According to Radio World Online, Koor
Communications first filed for variances to the ordinance in 1999 seeking to 
construct four antennas to the height of 266 feet in accordance with its FCC 
license and Construction Permit.  The broadcaster's attorneys argued that 
Lebanon's restrictions effectively prohibited the construction of new radio 

Koor Communication lost several lower court decisions.  This lead to the
appeal to the state's highest court.  That court has now said the lower 
court findings were incorrect and it reversed their rulings. (CGC 
Commuinicator, RW-ONLINE)
Rob Atkinson

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