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Subject: [TowerTalk] 40M beam
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Date: Thu Jan 30 20:57:57 2003
If you mean FULL  SIZE elements, most of the 40M beam
that LAST start with 2 inch o.d. tubing at the center (some
with fairly thick wall tubing) and use reducers.

I'm VERY pleased with the performance of my (loaded / compromised)
Cushcraft 402CD with beefed up (double wall on the first sections
elements and dowel inserts at the boom center and ends).  

The new CC XM240 is much heavier construction (2.5 inch boom
vs 2.0 and much better boom to element assemblies) but electrically

Tom  N4KG

On Thu, 30 Jan 2003  "Robert Webb" <> writes:
> Hi everyone, I thought I woulod start my research here, as I know you 
> lot
> are very knowledgable and have tried most things !! I am looking to 
> build a
> 40m beam this spring. Having built some monobanders for 10-20 etc i 
> have a
> reasonable idea of what to do, However 40m is a lot bigger. So if 
> you have
> done it (built one that is) and would like to share your experiences 
> then
> please drop me a line. TIA. 73,s
> Robert Webb
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