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[TowerTalk] Remote Antenna Switches

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Remote Antenna Switches
From: (Richard M. Gillingham)
Date: Sat Feb 1 21:49:24 2003
I've been using my Heathkit SA1480 continuously for the last 20 years... 
 But...  No amplifier.  100 Watts

Blew a fuse in a lightning strike about 10 years ago.  

Okay by my lights.

Gil, W1RG

Chuck Sudds wrote:

>With all the recent talk about remore antenna switches, I'd like to hear
>what everyone else is using for this task.  Sounds like the Ameritron
>switches are prone to dirty contacts, etc. but what about the rest of the
>available products?  What are the best?  What are YOU using?  Why? 
>Chuck - K?TVD
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