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[TowerTalk] Ideas needed on Roof mounting Rohn 25G

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Ideas needed on Roof mounting Rohn 25G
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Date: Sat Feb 1 23:02:10 2003
I have moved to a new QTH in SC and need to get something up to mount a
decent antenna to.  I have a haft acre lot that is covered with 50 - 70 foot
trees with a quite heavy canopy.  I have a two story house with an attached
one story two car garage on one end.  The ridge of the garage roof is
roughly parallel to the ridge of the 2nd story roof.  I am thinking that I
could mount some 25G to the ridge of the garage roof and use a house bracket
from the ridge of the 2nd story roof which would be up about 10 or 11 feet
about the base of the tower section.  I would like to put another 20 or 30
feet past the 2nd story ridge.  I am wondering what the most secure method
of attaching the base section to the garage ridge would be.  I remember
seeing a ridge mount to a 25G section in a catalog some time ago that I
suppose could be bolted to reinforced rafters and ridge.  Or would it be
better to bring a section, or the top of a section (Three tubes) up thru the
ridge of the roof and mount its base to a reinforced section of the garage
ceilng.  This would allow more distance from the base of the tower to the
upper bracket.
        The one most consider grounding.  What are the best methods to
ground a tower like this?  Can one ground the tower at the roof ridge and
keep a strike from following the section down into the garage attic?
        I have also considered using a ground mount in combination with a
2nd story house bracket, but I would have to take out a couple of trees near
the house to get room to swing a beam.  XYL did not like that option.  Any
ideas or comments out there.

Jim Zellemr, KA0VSL
Simpsonville, SC

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