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[TowerTalk] Ideas needed on Roof mounting Rohn 25G

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Ideas needed on Roof mounting Rohn 25G
From: (Geoff)
Date: Tue Feb 4 11:56:19 2003
I didnt see anyone else offering assistance so I'll just offer my experience
on your issue.

Consider that SC has had its share of hurricanes for starters.

Many years ago I mounted 25G on a peak roof mount on  a multi level house.
Since I could not get to the rafters from the inside I opted for lag bolting
pressure treated 2 x 10's externally into the rafters with plenty of bolts
and sealing.
The tower then had 2 house brackets that I could reinforce from inside. A
bit of overkill possibly but I dont like waking up to ripping sounds.

There were 25' of tower above the top bracket plus 12' of mast. Antennas
were a  402BA, TH6 and 6el HG 6M.

This tower survived 12 years of  15 miles from the Atlantic weather. The
antennas werent always as lucky.


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Subject: [TowerTalk] Ideas needed on Roof mounting Rohn 25G

> I have moved to a new QTH in SC and need to get something up to mount a
> decent antenna to.  I have a haft acre lot that is covered with 50 - 70
> trees with a quite heavy canopy.  I have a two story house with an
> one story two car garage on one end.  The ridge of the garage roof is
> roughly parallel to the ridge of the 2nd story roof.  I am thinking that I
> could mount some 25G to the ridge of the garage roof and use a house
> from the ridge of the 2nd story roof which would be up about 10 or 11 feet
> about the base of the tower section.  I would like to put another 20 or 30
> feet past the 2nd story ridge.  I am wondering what the most secure method
> of attaching the base section to the garage ridge would be.  I remember
> seeing a ridge mount to a 25G section in a catalog some time ago that I
> suppose could be bolted to reinforced rafters and ridge.  Or would it be
> better to bring a section, or the top of a section (Three tubes) up thru
> ridge of the roof and mount its base to a reinforced section of the garage
> ceilng.  This would allow more distance from the base of the tower to the
> upper bracket.
>         The one most consider grounding.  What are the best methods to
> ground a tower like this?  Can one ground the tower at the roof ridge and
> keep a strike from following the section down into the garage attic?
>         I have also considered using a ground mount in combination with a
> 2nd story house bracket, but I would have to take out a couple of trees
> the house to get room to swing a beam.  XYL did not like that option.  Any
> ideas or comments out there.
> Jim Zellemr, KA0VSL
> Simpsonville, SC
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