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[TowerTalk] C3/7-3 Vs Tennadyne T10

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Subject: [TowerTalk] C3/7-3 Vs Tennadyne T10
From: (Favieres RC)
Date: Thu Feb 6 04:51:09 2003

We are in the process of upgrading our rado club. We
have a 4el 10m monoband Yagi at the moment but want to
put up a multibander. 

It would be up around 130ft(40M) and would be our only
perminant HF antenna.

We are looling at either the C3 / 7-3optibeam or the
Tennadye T10. Boom length is not reallly an issue for
us how ever weight is, both these antennas weight in
around the 40lbs mark (20KG).
We are maily interested in 10-15-20 QRO but 12 and 17
would be nice (100w?).

I understand that the C3 and 7-3 can both be matched
remotly to the 'new' bands.

Is 6db gain a realistic figure for the T10 ?
Is there a simple way to calculate gain for a LogP ?
What about the F/B ratios of the antennas. 

Which did/would you chooose and why ?

We have the offer of a second-hand T10, so cost of the
antennas is about the same.

Favieres radio club

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