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Subject: [TowerTalk] Coax cables
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Date: Thu Feb 6 09:03:57 2003
Heat is the key. I bought a mondo iron (the tip is about as big around
as a little finger) for $1 at a garage sale. It works perfectly and takes 
to warm up. It also takes forever to cool down, which is what your're looking 

Some other tips:

1) lightly tin the braid.

2) File with a halfround file, the area around
      the opening for the solder, to expose
      the base metal (hopefully, brass!)

3) Pre tin this area as well.

If I can find one more cheapie iron, I'm going to file the tip into a concave 
to match the contour of the PL259 shell. Heat transfer should be enhanced
even more, in what will then be a dedicated cable ass'y iron.

John K5MO

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