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[TowerTalk] Balun for Carolina Windom 160

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Balun for Carolina Windom 160
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Date: Sat Feb 8 14:22:49 2003
Put a 50 ohm resistor across the input and measure the
output impedance, OR, put an Antenna Analyzer on
the input and try various fixed (non-inductive) resistors
across the antenna side until you find the resistance
that produces a 50 ohm input.

Tom  N4KG

On Fri, 7 Feb 2003  "Van Fair" <> writes:
> 9 months ago I purchased and installed a carolina windom 160. I found 
> it to be of little value on 160 and 80 and worth even less on the 
> higher bands. So I took it down to salvage the wire and Balun. 
> Balun is unmarked as to what it is and Radio Works refuses to tell 
> me. They say it is proprietary info. I know it is 52 ohm in. I 
> suspect it is a 4 to 1.
> Anyone know how to tell the balun output using and MFJ 259 antenna 
> analyzer. I read how to do it somewhere but cant remember where or 
> how. 
> Thanks and 73
> Van W4GIW
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