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[TowerTalk] POR-15 vs Zero Rust

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Subject: [TowerTalk] POR-15 vs Zero Rust
From: (Geoff)
Date: Sun Feb 9 17:50:10 2003
What I dont like about POR-15 is that it goes on so thick it takes forever
to cure.
That and the fumes are VERY toxic. It can only be brushed unless you have a
full air suit.

Some snow plow truck owners tried it and the salt ate into it and you could
peel it away.
The POR distributor told them it wasnt made for that kind of use. Just
frames of cars/trucks that arent driven much!
Those are the guys who turned me onto ZR. Lawn furniture and wrought iron
about 100 yards from the ocean have shown no rust in over 2 years now.

Its also about half the cost plus its available in spray cans as well.


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> At 10:32 AM 2/10/03 +1300, Barry Kirkwood wrote:
> >POR (USA) products have performed superbly at this seaside location.
> >Very easy to apply.
> >Too busy to search for their website, sorry.
> Found two pages of distributors with online sales, in response to a single
> search on POR.  Haven't found a factory page, so perhaps they have chosen
> not to do that.  The stuff is called POR-15, I believe.
> 73, Pete N4ZR
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