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[TowerTalk] Six-Pak Antenna Switch Switching

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Six-Pak Antenna Switch Switching
From: (Dale L Martin)
Date: Sun Feb 9 22:35:07 2003

During the FISTS Sprint this past Saturday, I was playing around with the
'dueling CQ' function in the TRLog logging software program.  The function
alternates cq on each radio.

The antennas in use were a 10' mast-mounted vertical (12avq) on one band and
a C3E on the other.

Obviously, the C3E got more responses than the 12AVQ.

Thinking about it, I concluded that I need to wire up a relay to use the
active radio switching of TRLog to swap antennas.  I'm using the WX0B
Six-Pak as my remote antenna switch.

The frequency of the switching will only be about once every ten or fifteen
The duration would only be for a few minutes at most before moving on to S&P
or just CQ'ing on one band.

I doesn't seem like it would be stressful on the six-pak, but I wanted to
find out if anyone has any insights about it that I may be overlooking.

What are your thoughts?

dale, kg5u

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