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[TowerTalk] M2 Orion OR2800PDC rotator and HG-52SS tower]

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Subject: [TowerTalk] M2 Orion OR2800PDC rotator and HG-52SS tower]
From: (Lew)
Date: Mon Feb 10 03:10:03 2003
Craig Miller wrote:
 > Hi all,
 > Wyatt at M^2 says their big OR2800PDS rotator will fit in this Hy-
 > Gain 52SS crank-up tower if the smaller top plate ( 6" x 6" round) is
 > used.
 > Anyone done this?  Any problems?

      I have a couple of the 2800's in U.S. Towers..HDX-72. The rotator
will fit but it takes a bit of fooling around with it to see what the
correct way to get it inside will be. Far more important is the O.D. of
the mast you're planning on using. The 6" round plate will fit OK, at
least in the US Towers, but if the OD of the mast is too large, then the
back "ears" of the mast/rotator clamps will stick out and the tower
won't retract, let alone turn inside. If I remember correctly a 2" OD
mast will work OK, but you'll be unhappy trying to use > 2.25" mast and
make it all fit.
     The first time it happened I sucessfully used a Sawzall solution
(not recommended)on the clamps. The second time I used a slightly
smaller mast and it has worked out just fine.
      73 and I remain,

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