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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tips
From: (Lew)
Date: Mon Feb 10 14:31:14 2003
Great idea Steve!!
    1) After finishing up pouring the concrete base for a tower and 
scratching in my XYL and my initials with a heart around them, 
(insurance) I then use a length of  1"-1 1/2" OD pipe to make an 
indentation starting from the center of the pad out to the periphery 
which is aimed North. If the periphery part of the indentation is 
actually lower then the center, then rainwater will run away from the 
base, and you'll be able to see where north really is when you're up on 
the tower trying to realign a slipped antenna

    2)  When you've destroyed a crankup tower and lifted it off the base 
to replace it, always set it down at least 30 yards from the base, no 
closer. That action will allow room to put up the new tower, provide a 
place to sit and survey the situation pondering the current pickle 
you're in and serve as a constant reminder not to make the same mistake 
with the new tower until you get the dead tower cannibalized. Speaking 
of which, absolutely no Cannabis, alcohol or any mind altering 
substances should be employed prior to climbing unless you're heavily 
insured and you won't mind leaving a rich widow

    3) Either take pictures from the very top of the tower in all 4 
directions or place a small weather station up there. The family members 
will be slightly more tolerant of your tower erecting tendencies and 
will tell their friends of just what the wind speed was when it blew the 
device off of the tower. Makes the tower more "multi-purpose" that way.

    4) Go to the bathroom before you go up the tower.

   73 and I remain,
     Lew   W7EW/W7AT

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