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Date: Mon Feb 10 15:10:58 2003
On Mon, 10 Feb 2003 13:45:14 EST, wrote:

> Be sure to get the ones with PL or some subaudible tones. There's a 
> tremendous amount of usage of these things - it's VHF CB!

Slightly related:

We had an incident a few years ago with a crew using UHF radios, and I think
they even had PL.  The problem was they were heard by a winch operator at
another site a couple hundred miles away.  The winch operator responded to
the command of the guy on the tower and it was for a different job.  It was
the same company, different crew, same freq and PL.  Luckily, no one was

I see an awful lot of $39 FRS radios showing up with crews these days.

By the way, we just had another tower incident with injury last week.  I
don't have all the details yet.

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