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[FCG] Re: [TowerTalk] Tower tipS - really long

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Subject: [FCG] Re: [TowerTalk] Tower tipS - really long
From: (Jim White, K4OJ)
Date: Mon Feb 10 16:17:13 2003
...oh yeah, a few more:

Make one side of your tower run the same way as your favorite population 
footprint - i.e. for DX Contest type guys - make one side of the tower 
make a line towards Europe... this way you can side mount to two legs of 
the tower and be pointing there!

COINCIDENTLY (or is that ally) here in FL that make another side of your 
tower just about right for Japan and midwest US


ALWAYS leave uninstalled rotors pointed "North"(we all know where true 
North is by now) - when you install it in the antenna system you won't 
be wondering where to point the antenna - "did I leave the rotor on 
Europe or was it West"....if you always leave it pointing the same way 
you don't have to worry about it.


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