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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower Tip
From: (Doug Faunt N6TQS +1-510-655-8604)
Date: Mon Feb 10 17:07:46 2003
Bzzt.  Crescent wrenches are listed by handle length.
I've got a 6"/150mm one, and a 200mm one.

That's Metric, as far as I can tell.

73, doug

   From: "Robert W. King" <>
To: <>
   Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2003 16:38:47 -0500

   What's the difference between a US or metric Crescent(trade name) adjustable
   wrench? :>)
   Never heard of an adjustable wrench designated metric.
   > Tip #2.  Take up some extra hardware in your hardware pouch....just in
   case you drop a washer or hex nut.  Also, take up redundant tools; socket
   wrenches AND open end wrenches of the same size AND a crescent wrench.  For
   the crescent wrench, either metric or English is OK.
   > Bud, K2KIR
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