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location of magnetic north pole Re: [TowerTalk] compass question

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Subject: location of magnetic north pole Re: [TowerTalk] compass question
From: (Jim Lux)
Date: Mon Feb 10 19:57:40 2003
I misstated the approximate location of the Magnetic North pole as 
70N,100W.  As everyone knows, it does move, and one can probably identify 
the age of the reference by the latitude they cite.
In 2002, the north magnetic pole was at 81.6N, 111.6W.
It's moving roughly north at about 40 km/year, and has been moving a lot 
faster since 1970.

At 06:57 PM 2/10/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>No, this is not the perennial finding true north question.  In my area, 
>Maryland, the "magnetic deviation" is about 10 degrees.  I can never 
>remember, though, if that means when I have my compass out I should let 
>the needle come to a stop on 350 or on 10 to have zero pointing at true 
>north.  Magnetic north is where the needle will point, obviously, and true 
>north is 10 degrees off from that, but I can never remember which 
>way.  ?  73 - Rich, KE3Q
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