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[TowerTalk] beverage question

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Subject: [TowerTalk] beverage question
From: (Pete Smith)
Date: Mon Feb 10 21:18:26 2003
At 07:01 PM 2/10/03 -0500, RICHARD BOYD wrote:
>I'm thinking of having several beverages start at the same feedpoint, 
>probably with separate feedlines but perhaps with a remote switch.  Which 
>of those isn't relevant to this question, I don't think but I didn't want 
>you to think I had one coax connected to several beverages at once.  But, 
>having them start at the same point, probably with the same ground rod, 
>then fanning out in their separate there any reason not to 
>do it this way?  Any degradation of performance by doing it this way, 
>etc.?  They will be at least 30 degrees different in orientation, one from 
>Related:  When beverages cross, I've heard that several feet of separation 
>should be sufficient to avoid interaction.  Any comments on this?  Any 
>minimum crossing angle to avoid interaction or anything like that?

W8JI says that an ordinary coax switch won't work, because both the center 
conductors and shields need to be separated to avoid pattern 
degradation.  I think he also advocates separate ground rods for each 
Beverage.  See

73, Pete N4ZR
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