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[TowerTalk] Tower Tips

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower Tips
From: (Gerry Smith)
Date: Tue Feb 11 06:16:57 2003
. I always hold a safety meeting before work commences. Items to
discuss: Never stand under the tower or downwind, nomenclature (pull
line, tag line, back stay, specialty tool items, etc.), the tower
climbers are in charge, etc.

. Never pull up or let down an item without a tag line

. I always ream the inside of the female leg with a round wire brush on
a drill (fits easier)

. For 25, 45, 55 I use a jig of plywood and dowels to check alignment of
the legs

. I use a table of plywood on horses to stage tools and mat'ls



Gerry Smith, W6TER


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