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[TowerTalk] T10 Vs C3/7-3 Summary

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Subject: [TowerTalk] T10 Vs C3/7-3 Summary
From: (Favieres RC)
Date: Tue Feb 11 08:30:00 2003
Thank you to everybody that replied.

T10 or T6 /T8 owners were very pleased with thier
antennas. Espcially the performance on the 'new

However I did receive a number of reports from ex T10
owners (who had had them for more than 5 years) about
the lack of mechancal strength in the boom and the
longer elements.

Our antenna would be at 140ft all the time with no
possibility of cranking it down no matter what the
wind or weather.

It was noted that with a C3 / 7-3 a dipole for 40m
could easily be added.

They both (in theory) give about the same gain (the
T10 slightly more). But the boom of the T10 is DOUBLE
that of the others.

I had quite a few reponces saying that the stepp
antenna was the antenna for us. However, the cost and

Summing it all up for us, 
We will be going for the 7-3 / C3. With the shorter
boom and the possibility of adding 40m at a later
However 12/17M with an ATU and 100W.

Thanks again to everybody (especially the replies in

Favieres Radio Club

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