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Subject: [TowerTalk] Favourite tower tip
From: (Steve Katz)
Date: Tue Feb 11 10:54:51 2003
That was a really good story, and sounds too familiar.

One tip I give to everybody, even when installing an antenna on a roof:
Figure out an escape plan in case all else fails.

I've known two local hams, one who is now a SK, who fell off relatively low
rooftops while doing antenna work: One broke both legs when he landed poorly
on a cement patio only 15 feet below, the other died when he did a header
off a 20' or so rooftop.  Both accidents completely avoidable.

I always think: If this antenna tries to pull me off of whatever I'm
standing on, what am I going to do?  And have a good answer clearly in mind
before starting.


"Success is the ability to go from failure to failure with no loss of
enthusiasm." -Winston Churchill

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> My favourite tower tip comes from a near-disaster while working atop a
> tower
> in a semi-professional basis:
> If the tower's owner is not experienced, explain EVERYTHING. Including the
> right and wrong ways to assist with hoisting. We were installing the top
> section of a 72-foot freestander when the knot (improperly tied section)
> got
> caught in the gin pole pulley. The owner, a farmer, saw this and
> immediately
> came running to our ground guy's aid. One mighty yank and he narrowly
> missed
> getting up close and personal with the local coroner. It was graceful,
> really, the way the top section started to tip over, slowly at first, like
> in slow motion, and then accelerating through its arc before coming to
> rest
> at the end of my tower-top companion's arm. Instinctively, he grabbed the
> bottom brace as it started to tip. He's lucky he didn't dislocate his
> shoulder or worse.
> Which is the other tip: hardware can be replaced, limbs can't. If
> something's falling, just get out of its way.
> 73, kelly
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