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[TowerTalk] tnx beverage and compass answers

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Subject: [TowerTalk] tnx beverage and compass answers
Date: Tue Feb 11 11:56:22 2003
Thanks for the answers to my beverage and compass questions.  The mailbox was 

Let me recap the responses on the compass.  90% of the respondents agreed with 
my "suspicion" that my compass needle should point at 350 for zero on the 
compass to point at true north.  10% said the needle should point at 10 degrees.

Someone corrected my terminology.  I had called this offset factor "magnetic 
deviation," but I think a respondent was correct in calling it "magnetic 
variation."  Someone else used the term "magnetic declination," which I think 
I've heard before too, maybe for this, maybe for something else.

Several used the term "east is least and west is best."  I took flying lessons 
too and this saying never made it crystal clear to me.  I think for this term 
to make sense you have to know what it is referring to, and not just a general 
understanding that it refers to compass direction and north.  You have to know 
that it means in the east you subtract X (10 or so in my case) from 360 degrees 
to get the direction your needle should point for zero to be pointing at true 
north.  In the west you add X to find where the compass needle should point for 
zero to be pointing at true north.  I suspect that some people interpret this 
saying to mean true north is less than where the needle points, in the east.  
Hence, some of the confusion (which I am probably adding to).

On beverages, one respondent cited another authority as saying beverages should 
each be on a different feedpoint ground rod.  Others didn't think so.  One said 
using a coax switch to have just one coax to the feedpoint may degrade 
performance.  Others cite their actual experience as saying otherwise.  Most 
who have beverages cross say they have them a foot apart (I suspect this is 
more a practical consideration and that putting them closer isn't the best idea 
and having them farther apart can't hurt).  One cited ON4UN as saying if they 
cross it should be as close to right angles as possible.

73 - Rich, KE3Q

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