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[TowerTalk] tower tip: wasps

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Subject: [TowerTalk] tower tip: wasps
From: (David Robbins K1TTT)
Date: Tue Feb 11 18:02:53 2003
Just a warning though... if you are going to spray up the tower wear at
least goggles, a spray mask, and gloves, and preferably use a full face
shield.  Those sprays are good when you are on the ground to hit
something a good distance away, but when you spray at something above
you on the tower, just remember, what goes up, must come down... this
includes half dead wasps stinging anything they touch, and a good amount
of the spray itself.  And that spray is not something that you want to
get in your eyes, nose, or mouth, especially when you are any distance
above ground.  

David Robbins K1TTT
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> How could this not have been mentioned yet?  ;-)
> If you suspect you will EVER have any problems with wasps, keep one or
> two fresh cans of the wasp-killing, 20-foot spray artillery in your
> bucket.  They spray far, but realize there is not a large amount of
> ammunition in those cans: partially used cans have an
> indeterminate range/lifetime.  Also, be aware that fresh cans usually
> have a trigger lock that prevents them from firing should they have
> something depress the spray button.  Once that lock is severed, the
> spray can accidentally discharge; result: bucket full of wet, smelly
> tools.
> Mike N2MG <-- severe wasp problem QTH
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