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[TowerTalk] tower tip: wasps

To: <>
Subject: [TowerTalk] tower tip: wasps
From: (Dale L Martin)
Date: Tue Feb 11 18:07:07 2003
> How could this not have been mentioned yet?  ;-)
> If you suspect you will EVER have any problems with wasps, keep one or
> two fresh cans of the wasp-killing, 20-foot spray artillery in your
> bucket.  They spray far, but realize there is not a large amount of
> ammunition in those cans: partially used cans have an
> indeterminate range/lifetime.  Also, be aware that fresh cans usually
> have a trigger lock that prevents them from firing should they have
> something depress the spray button.  Once that lock is severed, the
> spray can accidentally discharge; result: bucket full of wet, smelly
> tools.
> Mike N2MG <-- severe wasp problem QTH

Seems to me that if one MUST spray the wasps (I've got them swarming around
the tower, but have yet to have a problem with them or even find a nest up

(1) pay attention to the wind direction -- don't spray into th wind! Also,
where is your ground crew standing? :-)

(2) before spraying, be secured to the tower -- don't let the distraction of
swatting at attacking wasp(s) make you forget that you are up on a tower and
that inadvertently letting go with both hands can be worse than a sting.

dale, kg5u

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