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[TowerTalk] tower tip: wasps

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Subject: [TowerTalk] tower tip: wasps
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Date: Tue Feb 11 20:45:42 2003
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<< Seems to me that if one MUST spray the wasps (I've got them swarming around
 the tower, but have yet to have a problem with them or even find a nest up
 top), >>

I too have wasps buzzing around the tower spring through fall at all times.  
I have found only one small nest in twenty years and have never found any 
wasps' nests on any towers or antennas.  Although I have grabbed a couple of 
sections of tower on the ground and found there were wasps in side of 
them....the hard way!   I have never even come close to being stung by one in 
the air.  For some reason they like the towers, but are not aggressive  (at 
least the Fla ones).

Bill K4XS
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