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Subject: [Towertalk] Teflon sources
From: (W0UN--John Brosnahan)
Date: Tue Feb 11 23:48:01 2003
Nylatron is a very interesting material but there are MANY variations of the
product.  See this site for about 20 or so different "Nylatrons".    It is NOT
a variation of UHMW--but rather something completely different.  Looks
like a version good for bearings may be superior to UHMW in some significant
properties--although it is not as good a dielectric and it tends to absorb 
water in
varying degrees.

To see many different kinds of Nylatron

Comparison of Nylatron, UHMW, and other things.

43 page tutorial on engineering with plastics.   This booklet looks pretty
interesting.  I am downloading it and will read it on my next flight to

73--John   W0UN

At 05:04 PM 2/11/2003 -0600, Robin Midgett wrote:
>I use a material referred to as "Nylatron" for the bushing in the 
>Sidewinder; works great! It may be the same as what John refers to; it is 
>black; it has graphite in it to make it slick, and it is UV stabilized. It 
>is specialized UHMW for bushing use.
>Use a nice, slow RPM on the drill press to avoid melting the material 
>whilst you bore it out to size. Fastening it to a piece of wood or metal 
>to secure it while boring on the drill press is a very good idea.
>At 03:02 PM 7/29/2002 -0500, W0UN--John Brosnahan wrote:
>>The proper material to use for mast/tower bearings is UHMW polyethylene
>>Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene is used for all kinds of
>>bearings.   The white version appears similar to Teflon although not
>>as slick.  And it doesn't cold flow like Teflon.
>>There are gray and black versions that are UV stabilized.  But I just made
>>my bearing brackets in such a way that they are out of the direct sunlight
>>and have had no problems with the white bearings (made with 1 inch thick
>>UHMW) in over ten years of service with a number of large antennas.  Such
>>as 8 element 15 meter beams on 60 ft, 3 inch diameter, booms.  Never needs
>>to be lubricated and is CHEAP.  And doesn't rust of course.
>>The mast hole on UHMW can be "drilled" using a hole saw in a drill press.
>>Pretty easy going and makes for a cheap machining job.
>>Good Luck--John   W0UN
>>BTW   I would never use any material that I wasn't sure of.  And I wouldn't
>>use Teflon in any case.   W7RM was an early adopter of the UHMW bearings
>>and has had very good service over MANY years.
>>At 03:13 PM 7/29/2002 -0400, Jim White wrote:
>>>share with us Toddles...on a related matter...
>>>I am considering using some scrap pieces of what I think is Teflon
>>>picked up at a flea market.  I want to use them as horizontal thrust
>>>bearings on a tall rotating mast...seems like these should be a good low
>>>rpm choice...
>>>The mast would be aluminum and these would have a hole in the "plastic"
>>>slightly large than the mast...the stock is about a half inch thick and
>>>in turn would be bolted to an aluminum plate with a slightly large hole
>>>than is in the "plastic"...should take care of lateral movement it seems
>>>and at the same time would not chafe the aluminum mast during rotation.
>>>Is there a concern I should have for ability of Teflon (this might be
>>>something else but lets assume is what the guy selling it said it was)
>>>and its exposure to UV - a crucial problem here in FL.
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