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[TowerTalk] tower tip: wasps

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Subject: [TowerTalk] tower tip: wasps
From: (Saul Abrams)
Date: Wed Feb 12 08:33:40 2003
I had an extra hole in the boom for a bolt that was no longer needed and
found that the wasps/yellow jackets used the hole to make a home in the
boom.  I stuck the nozzle of the spray in the hole and let loose.  Some
half-dead wasps staggered out.
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> << Seems to me that if one MUST spray the wasps (I've got them swarming
>  the tower, but have yet to have a problem with them or even find a nest
>  top), >>
> I too have wasps buzzing around the tower spring through fall at all
> I have found only one small nest in twenty years and have never found any
> wasps' nests on any towers or antennas.  Although I have grabbed a couple
> sections of tower on the ground and found there were wasps in side of
> them....the hard way!   I have never even come close to being stung by one
> the air.  For some reason they like the towers, but are not aggressive
> least the Fla ones).
> Bill K4XS
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