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[TowerTalk] Driving Point Impedance

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Driving Point Impedance
From: (Denis)
Date: Wed Feb 12 22:29:54 2003
I have a four in line vertical array for 80 meters that is in
construction.  The verticals are .25 wavelength long and the seperation
is .25 wavelength.  Each has 50   .25 wavelength radials.

I have measured all the self impedances and the coupling iimpedances
and from that I have calculated the mutual impedances and the driving
point impedances.

The driving point Z are as follows:

Vertical 1         13 - j17.2
Vertical 2         17.5 + j5.7
Vertical 3         36.4 + j21.5
Vertical 4         80.4 + 60.5

I have seen numbers for a 3 in line array but no field values for a 4 in

line array.  I was wondering if any one has built and
measured/calculated the Driving point Z so I could see if I was in the
ball park.

Denis Ve6AQ   / VE6FI

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