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Date: Fri Feb 14 14:08:18 2003
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> Just have a quick question about the specs on the SSV towers.  One windload 
> is 
>  listed for at the top of the tower and another is listed for 30 feet 
>  Can I load the tower at the top and the 30 foot level, or do I just pick 
    Jeez, I'm not an engineer but it appears to be that that's what it means 
- you have a top capacity and another for 30 feet down. You cannot add them 
together. If in doubt, run your proposed configuration by an engineer. 
>  I may opt to go with a 55g if I have enough room for guy wires, so just 
> trying to get all the facts straight now.

    In the case of a guyed tower, the tower loading spec is for the WHOLE 
tower so you can populate the tower whereever you want. Rohn specs have 
already deducted 8 sq.ft. for antenna mounts so you can add that back into 
the capacity on the chart. 

    The same height with a guyed tower will be cheaper. The guys don't have 
to be out 80% of the height (that's just the distance Rohn chose for the 
catalog specs) so you can put them closer to the tower - just make sure you 
have an engineer run the calcs to insure a safe and reliable installation.

Steve     K7LXC
Professional tower services for commercial and amateur 
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