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[TowerTalk] compass discussion

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Subject: [TowerTalk] compass discussion
Date: Fri Feb 14 16:35:42 2003
Yes, it's important to DXers, but particularly it's relevant on this
reflector because this is the towertalk reflector, which K7LXC assures me
includes discussion of antennas and directly related topics.  Most of our
antennas that are on towers are directional, many are rotatable, so to get
the advantages out of that you need to know where they are pointed, and that
they can be pointed where you want them to be.

Yes, I believe the computer programs, and "analog" azimuth maps too are
giving us the beam headings "true" rather than "magnetic."  Knowing how to
use our compasses or other means of finding "both types of north" and
knowing the difference between the two is how we calibrate our
antenna/rotator combination to the beam heading info we're getting from
these other sources.

73 - Rich, KE3Q

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Subject: [TowerTalk] compass discussion

With all the discussion of true north vs mag. north. There must be a reason
this is important to dxers. Am I correct to believe that all coputer
programs and other sources that tell you where to point your beam are giving
that information with true north and not magnetic north bearings??

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