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[TowerTalk] re; Rohn SSV

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Subject: [TowerTalk] re; Rohn SSV
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Date: Sun Feb 16 18:56:02 2003
Gentlemen and Ladies,

The Rohn SSV can carry quite a load IF you use the correct sections.? 

It sounds like me that those that provide opinion of the SSV may not have 
done their research.

Realize that the SSV is a truncating tower system.? There are some 16 
sections available to use; probably more.? You can get the Heavy sections 

I have a SSV in which the top section is a section 4 and not a section 1, 2, 
or 3.?? Each section below it is larger and stronger.? My SSV is 120 feet 
tall and holds a C31XR and a couple of vhf antennas about that.? 
Originally, i recall I was going to use section 3 through 8 and I decided to 
use section 4 through 9H.? That provides the same height but heavy's up the 
ability to take the loads.? I could have specified using section 5 through 
section 10 and so on.? Each section is 20' long.

So, if you want more load carrying ability, check with Rohn and the engineers 
there can tell you which SSV to get.

Thank you,
Hank Smith
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