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[TowerTalk] Telrex Collection (more info)

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Telrex Collection (more info)
From: (Dr. Joe Mesh)
Date: Sun Feb 16 23:17:15 2003
Here is the updated and corrected data about my barn full of Telrex
products now for sale: 

(this is what I currently have left for sure after reasonable checking!)

A truly large amount of people expressed interest, sent questions and
some even made significant monetary offers.     Several even desired to
purchase the entire collection.     Here is the additional data that I
promised everyone last Sunday along with a few small images of the
disassembled yagis.

Typically it has been my experience that these desirable collectables
are priced relatively near the last published Telrex catalog price.
All reasonable offers will be seriously considered at this point as I
have decided to sell these pieces with certainty.    My motivation to
sell is higher in a package deal "of course"!    Yet offers for
individual antennas are always welcomed as well!      Please let me know
how I can help you.

Please send E-Mail questions and offers to (only E-Mail
address please!) or call 810-750-1000 voice mail 222 (my office), or
734-507-3000 after-hours to speak directly.    Jack (a great guy whom I
am lucky to have help me on these projects) and I REALLY DO NOT desire
to crate these guys and motor freight them but it could be done as we do
have some yagi crates ready to modify.    You will really have to "sweet
talk" us to get us to do this however.     We normally flew or drove to
pick up antennas renting a truck in some cases in the city of purchase
to drive them home.

I also found a used Telrex Utility Pole Hardware kit model XTMPH10 with

2-3  Telrex  20M646  (6el, 46ft boom 20meters- serial 39457 built
11/30/79 and serial 70247 built 7/31/84 and I believe that I may have a
third 20M646 serial 50423 built 3/24/81 all have manuals)
1  Telrex  15M845  (serial 39456 built 11/30/79 with manual)
1  Telrex  15M532  (Never installed - serial 50176 built 12/29/80 with
1  Telrex  10M636  (serial 39455 built 11/30/79 with manual)
1  Telrex  10M523  (Never installed - serial #50175 Manufacture 12/29/80
- with manual)
2  Telrex  20M546  (serial 35908 and 34604 Manufactured 5/27/74 and
9/17/64 with both manuals - 5el, 46ft boom usually supplied for big
bertha stacked arrays and  not in catalog - the booms for these are
drilled at the same spacing as the 40M346 - so they are great products
for repair of the big 40s)
1  Telrex  40M336  (I think that it is the 36ft boom and not the 29ft -
but I have manuals for both models for some reason? - 40M335 serial
37750 built 4/5/77 and 40M329 serial 49627 built 3/24/80)
1  Telrex  40M346  (The big guy - needs some welding +/- sleeving repair
at the  director to boom mount - the guy that I purchased it from would
not give me the manual - probably did not have it - my other 40M manuals
can be supplied and will suffice)

***IF I WERE PLANNING TO STACK TWO 40M3s - I would buy the two forties
and the two 5 element 20s and build two 40M346s if my support could hold
them.  (Which was my plan!)

I look forward to hearing from you!    Good DXing.

Thanks........................................Joe / W8SS
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