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Date: Wed Feb 19 13:44:23 2003
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> Anyone on the list have the SWR figure drawings for a Cushcraft X7
>  Tribander?  I am considering this antenna to mount on top of my AN Wireless
>  LD-50 and I would like to get some idea of how the SWR curves are for this
>  antenna.

    I don't have the X7 info but we tested an X9 in our tribander comparison 
test (<A HREF="";></A>). 
They're the same basic design so you'll be able to make some pretty good 
inferences. Test data includes SWR curves.  
>  I am happy to pay for a copy, or maybe somei\one can scan them and them
>  attach to a email.
>  Anyone have any pros or cons for this antenna I would appreciate hearing of
>  them.
    The X9 was an excellent performer according to our on-the-air tests; the 
X7 would be similar. 

Steve    K7LXC
Champion Radio Products
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