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[TowerTalk] re; Rohn SSV

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Subject: [TowerTalk] re; Rohn SSV
From: (Michael J.Castellano)
Date: Thu Feb 20 12:27:56 2003
Hi Hank!

I would definitely agree with you , though MY post seemed to indicate what you 

I assumed (possibly in error) that the gentleman was probably interested in the 
"off the shelf" SSV, you know, the catalog 1, 2, 3 sections... etc...

One rule we always had in the business was to ask the customer exactly what his 
present and future plans were, and then have Rohn design up the section 

More often than not, there was a beefed up section etc, in there.

or just larger sections from the ground up...

... and then we would tell the customer to get the ol checkbook out!

So I do agree with you... I probably should have asked him what standard 
catalog sections (if any) he was contemplating.

Here, I have a large HyGain Telex Log periodic (yep, "appropriated" from an 
embassy) on an SSV at 60 feet...  Started with a 7N, 6N and beefed up 5N, ala 

XYL went ballistic when she realized the business wasn't paying for it!!!

Take care, thanks for the comments and seeya on the bands, and of course.... 73!

Mike KM1R

in sunny subtropical Southern Conn... under three feet of "sunshine"
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