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[TowerTalk] Digging the hole

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Digging the hole
From: (Mark)
Date: Thu Feb 20 12:51:27 2003
I still like the idea of going out to one of the local cemeteries and hire
one of the professional diggers there to handle the chore!
73 --- Mark  AA6DX
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> writes:
> << Suggest you dig it 4 X 4 X 1 and then multiply that time by six! >>
> Unfortunately it doesn't work that way.....As a veteran who has dug a few
> 5x5x6 holes for Heights and Universal towers, I wish it did.
> As you get deeper than four feet the amount of energy exerted to dig
> becomes non-linear.  When the hole isn't that deep, you can throw the dirt
> the side.  When you go down four, or five or six feet you have to lift it
> shoulder height or higher and be darn sure the shovel-load is all thrown
> outside the hole.  Nothing is worse than lifting it up and not throwing it
> far enough and having most of it slide back down into the hole.

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